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One of the most disputed applications in the world concerning the use of local sources in architecture is the rammed earth technique. This technique involves creating an earth mixture by reusing excess filling earth and pouring and ramming it between two mold surfaces like concrete walls. It requires a mechanical mallet with a special vibration and a very small pressing area to ram the earth. Using this technique, we held a workshop for five days with the architecture students from Istanbul Technical University and Istanbul Bilgi University.

Sevim was at the helm. We built a wall emphasizing the entrance of the lot. DOKA provided us with the metal molds used in the construction of this wall. Mine and Necati İnceoğlu, who are locals of Bozcaada now, gave us their moral support.

Workshop coordinator: Timur Erşen

Participants: Ali Arslan, Berk Tan, Gülşah Meral, Melis Dağ, Ozan Çalışkan, Serkan Ateş

Production assistants: Ali Aslan, Barış Bulut, Memo İnceoğlu