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Here is the latest from DS

Our book “An Atypical Architectural Practice: DS” is published by YEM

296 pp, color figures, pb, in English. The Black Box of the Last Three Decades of Architectural Practice in Turkey Covering the fields of architecture, engineering, urbanism, industrial design, landscape design, archaeology, culture, the arts, etc., YEM Yayın has published a new title: An Atypical Architectural Practice DS, From Rural…

Deniz Aslan was at “Nesin Mathematics Village”

Design with Natural Sources This is a theoretical course that provides seminars on the following topics: Understanding nature as a basis and comprehension within its endogeneity and its connection to human beings; from fundamentals to future, with the questions on space and place, constructing an analysis of the space of…

DS Architecture’s Exhibition “Microcosmos” was at Studio X İstanbul

Microcosmos is a retrospective exhibition that will engage not only architects but also people who would like to discover the traces of our urban and cultural past. The exhibition features the 30 year experience of Deniz Aslan and Sevim Aslan—masters of landscape architecture and surveying respectively—at DS Mimarlık, accompanied by…

Bozcaada Rammed Earth Workshop

One of the most disputed applications in the world concerning the use of local sources in architecture is the rammed earth technique. This technique involves creating an earth mixture by reusing excess filling earth and pouring and ramming it between two mold surfaces like concrete walls. It requires a mechanical…