Kadıköy Hasanpaşa Gasworks

Industrial, Cultural, Public, Offices


İstanbul, Turkey

Status Completed Year 2000-2001, 2014-2019 Client ITU Directorate of Revolving Fund & İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality Architectural & Restoration Project ITU Dept. of Arch. & DSLandscape Project DS Site Area 33.000 m² Construction Area 20.000 m² Photos Cemal Emden, Doğu Ayan
Awards The Chicago Athenaeum's International Architecture Awards 2022, National Association of Historic and Artistic Centers (Shortlisted at the Gubbio Prize), 18th National Architecture Exhibition & Awards (Building & Conservation Branch Award), Turkey Architecture Yearbook 2021 Published on Milliyet Mimarlık Dergisi vol.15, Yapı Dergisi vol.471