DS is a leading design office practising at the intersection of architecture and landscape architecture both in theoretical and practical areas for over 30 years with the mission to create applicable, sustainable, eligible designed environments.

Essential motivation of each design at DS Architecture is to build a specific microcosmos. Nature is contemplated often by the design team to generate parametric designs with syntactical perception of nature.

Our design team with principle of combining artistic qualities together with economical and ethical values, considers multilayered, multidisciplinary, multicultural, contemporary complexity as a source to design neat, uniqe, influential and innovative environments.

DS operates at an interval from residential scale to urban scale with competent landscape designers, architects, urban planners, engineers and ecologists. DS is an international member of ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architects).

Founding Partners

Deniz Aslan Ph.D., Assoc. Prof., Architect-Landscape Architect, Design Partner

Deniz Aslan graduated from Istanbul Technical University with a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1986 and continued his studies with a dissertation titled “Re-thinking of Historical Process of Istanbul Bosphorus’s Nature and its Public Recreation Spaces from the viewpoint of Landscape Planning” under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Gunel Akdoğan in the Landscape Planning Master’s Program at Yildiz Technical University. Aslan continued his academic career with his Ph.D. work “Architecture as a Generic Trace” under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ferhan Yürekli at Istanbul Technical University’s Building Information Doctoral Program in 1999. He co-founded DS Architects with Sevim Aslan in 1994. He has been both designing as an industry professional at DS Architects, and teaching classes as an academic at Istanbul Technical University’s Department of Architecture and Department of Landscape Architecture since the early 90s.

Sevim Aslan MSc., Architect-Restoration Architect, Managing Partner

Sevim Aslan graduated from Istanbul Technical University with a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1987 and continued her studies with a dissertation titled “Structural Analyses of Ancient City Antalya-Perge’s South Bath” under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Dogan Kuban in Master of Science in Restoration Program at Istanbul Technical University in 1990. She co-founded DS Architects with Deniz Aslan in 1994. She continues her professional career at DS Architects both as the Managing Partner and as an industry expert in architectural restoration and conservation.


Asuman Girit
Asuman Girit
Landscape Architect
Aylin Güler
Aylin Güler
Cemre Korkut
Cemre Korkut
Landscape Architect, Urban Designer / MSc. Planner
Erdem Karaçay
Erdem Karaçay
Göknur Gülcü
Göknur Gülcü
Landscape Architect, MSc. Urban Designer
İrem Demir
İrem Demir
Office Assistant
Işıl Karabulut
Işıl Karabulut
Kayra Simur
Kayra Simur
Landscape Architect
Nejla Güney
Nejla Güney
Landscape Architect
Nil Duru
Nil Duru
Nurgül Yamaç Gören
Nurgül Yamaç Gören
Executive Assistant
Özlem Yazgan
Özlem Yazgan
MSc. Architect
Ravza Kabaktepe
Ravza Kabaktepe
Architect (MArch.), Urban Planner
Sena Sevinç Öztürk
Sena Sevinç Öztürk
Şeyma Sevde Selçuk
Şeyma Sevde Selçuk
Landscape Architect
Zeynep Uşşaklı
Zeynep Uşşaklı
Architect, Executive Consultant

Previous team members


YearProjectCompetition / AwardTeam
2024Bayou VillasTurkey Architecture Yearbook 2023 by ArkiteraDS
2023Kuzubağ WineryTurkey Architecture Yearbook 2022 by ArkiteraDS
2023Kuzubağ WineryInternational Architecture & Design Awards 2023 / Gold WinnerDS
2022Kadıköy Hasanpaşa Gasworks18th National Architecture Exhibition & Awards / Building & Conservation Branch AwardITU Dept. of Arch. & DS
2022Kadıköy Hasanpaşa GasworksThe Chicago Athenaeum’s International Architecture Awards 2022DS
2022Pendik Public GardenThe Chicago Athenaeum’s International Architecture Awards 2022DS
2022PatchesKüçükçekmece Lagoon Basin Idea Competition / Equivalent Award / Shared MentionAslan, D., Can, B., Özşafak, F., Şelçuk, Ş.S.
2021Kadıköy Hasanpaşa GasworksNational Association of Historic and Artistic Centers / Shortlisted at the Gubbio PrizeITU Dept. of Arch. & DS
2021Kadıköy Hasanpaşa GasworksTurkey Architecture Yearbook 2021 by ArkiteraITU Dept. of Arch. & DS
2020Pendik Public GardenTurkey Architecture Yearbook 2020 by ArkiteraDS
2020Documentation, Preservation, and Conservation Works at the Museum Hotel AntakyaBaksı Culture and Art Foundation Anatolian Awards / First Prize in Restoration CategoryDS
2020The Shores of the Golden Horn Design Competition – 7th District / Second PrizeDS
2019Ulus Savoy HousesEcoTechGreen Award by Paysage / Special PrizeDS & TRafo Mimarlar
2019Folkart Narlıdere HousesEcoTechGreen Award by Paysage / Special PrizeDS & TRafo Mimarlar
2018Bostanlı Skate ParkTurkey Architecture Yearbook 2018 by ArkiteraDS
2018Memorial BahçelievlerTurkey Architecture Yearbook 2018 by ArkiteraDS
2017İstanbul Water Civilizations Museum9th National Landscape Architecture Awards / Built Project AwardDS
2017Kemerlife XXI Housing9th National Landscape Architecture Awards / Encouragement AwardDS
20179th National Landscape Architecture Awards / Distinguished Professional Contribution AwardDeniz Aslan
2016Pamukkale University Faculty of Architecture & Design Building and Surroundings Architectural Project Competition / First Prize
2015Zorlu CenterIGRA International Green Roof Association AwardDS
2015Bornova Municipality Building and Surroundings Architectural Project Competition / Second PrizeAslan, D., Özener, O., Ünkap, Ö., Cüce, C.B., Yılmaz, Ç., Büyüktopçu, E., Alkaş, T.
2015Cave.House in Taikicho, JapanİTU International LIXIL University Architectural Competition / Second PrizeAkgündüz, A., Danışmanlar, T.C., Yürekli, İ., Aslan, D.
2014Gökçeada High School Campus Architectural Project Competition / Shared MentionÜnlü, A., Aslan, D., Özener, O., Şalgamcıoğlu, M.
2014Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park Focus Areas Competition for Ideas / Shared MentionAslan, D., Erdem, A., Çelik, E., Sorgu, Z., Erkök, M., Altay, P.
2014Çınarlı Bahçe TuzlaTurkey Architecture Yearbook 2014 by ArkiteraDS
2013Integration and Redevelopment of Three Scapes in Eskihisar / The International Architecture AwardDS
2013Çanakkale Terrestrial Digital Broadcast Tower International Preselected Architectural Project Competition / Fifth MentionDS with Olaf Gipser Architects
2012İTU Ayazağa Campus Limited Urban Design and Architectural Idea Project Competition / Third MentionErdem, A., Aslan, D., Ataç, C., Hiz, G., Küstür, M., Çalışkan, N., Şahin, Z.
2010Çankaya Municipality Service Building, Art Center and Ulvi Cemal Erkin Concert Hall Architectural Project Competition / Third MentionAslan, D. (Consultant)
2009Ytong Bilecik Plant Entrance, Showroom and Guest House Invitational Competition / First PrizeYürekli, İ., Otay, S., Aslan, D., Aslan, S., İnceoğlu, A.
2006Balıkesir Çamlık Urban and Architectural Design National Project Competition / First PrizeÇelik, E., Hancıoğlu, C., Özbilen C., Aksoy, İ., Doğan, E., Yürekli, İ., Aslan, D., İnceoğlu A.
2006Trabzon Former Tekel Building Repurposing Architectural Project Competition / Third Prizeİnceoğlu, A., Yürekli, İ., Aslan, D., Çalıkoğlu, A., Bayrak, S., Aslan, S., Hiz G.
2005Bursa Central Terminal Urban Design and Architectural Project Competition / First MentionÇelik, E., Çalıkoğlu, A., Yürekli, İ., İnceoğlu, A., Aslan, D., Aksoy, İ., Kozar, C., Güngör, I.
2005Naval Museum Architectural Project Competition / First MentionAslan, D., Çelik, E., Hancıoğlu, D., Yüksel, B.
2005UIA 2005 Istanbul World Architecture Congress, Congress Valley Architectural and Urban Design Competition / PurchasedAslan, D., Çelik, E., Lokumcu, V.
2004Kocaeli Former Başiskele Overpass Junction Transportation System and Environmental Design Idea Project Competition / Third MentionYürekli, İ., İnceoğlu, A., Aslan, D.
2004Gaziosmanpaşa Municipality Service Area Architectural Urban Project Competition / First MentionAslan, D., Çelik, E., Hancıoğlu, C., Lokumcu, V.
2004Young/Work/Shop 1: Invitational ‘Charette’ for Under 40 / First PrizeAltun, C., Aslan, D., Aslan, S., İnceoğlu, A., Yürekli, İ.
2002Antalya Historical Karaalioğlu Park, Municipality Building and Surroundings Project Competition / Fifth MentionSerdar Köknar, B., Köknar, S., Aslan, D., Erdoğan, N.
2002Dreams, Thoughts, Additions to the Void8th National Architecture Exhibition and Awards / Merit AwardAslan, D., Erdoğan, N., Köknar-Serdar, B.
2002ABS Headquarters8th National Architecture Exhibition and Awards / Project Merit AwardYürekli, İ., Aslan, S., İnceoğlu, A., Altun, C., Aslan, D.
2001Ankara Gölbaşı Special Environmental Protection Zone Area Park and Surroundings Urban Design and Landscaping Project Competition / Second MentionKahvecioğlu, H., Kahvecioğlu Paker, N., Aslan, D.
2001Kadıköy Square Harem-Haydarpaşa Area Urban Design Competition / Third MentionYürekli, İ., İnceoğlu, A., Aslan, D., Yirmibeşoğlu, F.
2001İTU House Architectural Project Competition / First MentionAslan, D., Serdar Köknar, B., Erdoğan, N.
1999Pamukkale Tennis Club – Recreational Facility BuildingTepe Architecture Culture Center, New Directions in Architecture Competition / Shared First Prizeİnceoğlu, A., Aslan, D.
1999Ortaköy Jewish CemeteryTepe Architecture Culture Center, New Directions in Architecture Competition / Shared First PrizeAslan, D., İnceoğlu, A.


20238th National Landscape Architecture CongressConferenceDeniz Aslan
2023Turkeybuild İstanbulConferenceDeniz Aslan
2023Antakya’dan Öğrenmek / Arkeolojik Katmanların Korunması: Antakya Parsel 4643 Antakya Müze Otel Belgeleme ve Koruma Uygulamaları / MetrohanConferenceSevim Aslan & Can Okkalı
2023Ulusal Mimari Koruma Proje Uygulama Sempozyumu/Arkeolojik Katmanların Korunması: Antakya Parsel 4643 Antakya Müze Otel Belgeleme ve Koruma Uygulamaları / TMMOBConferenceSevim Aslan
2022Istanbul European Archaeology Days/ Istanbul Bilgi University/ Euphemeia ChurchConferenceSevim Aslan
2022Kuzubağ Site Visit, TMMOB DenizliSite VisitDeniz Aslan & Deniz Çağlar Duman
2022Turkey Architecture Yearbook 2021 by ArkiteraPanelSevim Aslan & Gülsün Tanyeli
2022Sanat Kritik SöyleşiInterviewSevim Aslan & Deniz Aslan
2022Kayseri Architecture Festival / TMMOB KayseriConferenceDeniz Aslan
202218th National Architecture Exhibition / Hasanpaşa GazhanesiExhibitionGülsün Tanyeli, Yıldız Salman, Sevim Aslan, Deniz Aslan

Older events

Collaborators & References in alphabetical order

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  • Alarko Holding
  • Alarko-Aldem Partnership
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  • Bilgili Holding
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  • Doğuş Property/Investment/Management
  • Durmazlar Machine
  • Eczacıbaşı Holding
  • Eroğlu Property
  • Fiba Property
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  • Fina Holding
  • Folkart Structure
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  • Günaylar Hotels
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  • Gürstructure Construction
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  • İnanlar Construction
  • İçtaş Construction
  • İş GYO
  • Kalyon Construction
  • Kanyon Management/Marketing
  • Kapital Property
  • Kartallar Company Group
  • Kat Turizm Property
  • Kayı Construction
  • Kibele Project Management
  • Koray Construction
  • Kuzu Grup
  • Makyol
  • Masanda Tourism
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  • Metal Yapı Konut
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  • NEF
  • Nuhoğlu Construction
  • Nükleer Engineering Construction
  • Orta Property Investment Management & Tourism
  • Ortadoğu Automotive
  • OTİ Holding-Seranat Otel
  • Ölce Construction
  • Özderici GYO
  • Özdilek Shopping Center
  • Öztek Housing
  • Özyazıcı Construction
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  • Pasifik & Çiftay Partnership
  • Rönesans Holding
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  • Chairmanship of Zeugma Archeological Excavation
  • Fatih Municipality
  • Garanti Bank
  • Gaziantep Municipality
  • Gaziantep Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism
  • Gebze Municipality
  • İstanbul Bilgi University
  • İstanbul Fatih Municipality
  • İstanbul Medipol University
  • İTÜ Revolving Fund Management
  • İzmir Municipality
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  • Medipolitan Education & Health Services
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  • Niğde Municipality
  • Özyeğin University
  • Rectorship Of Erciyes University
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  • Turkish Football Association
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  • Ziraat Bank
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